Cockroach Exterminator                   

Pest control services of a cockroach exterminator can be of help as roaches are hard to permanently eradicate. They can survive for a period of 3 months without feeding. Hiring a professional can also improve the safety of your household, eliminating the need to use traps in your house.

Keep your home clean to avoid pest infestations. Make sure food is kept in properly sealed containers for a roach-free home. In case you find a roach in your food, throw it away immediately to avoid contamination and health issues.

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Cockroach Removal

An exterminator knows how to identify the most affected areas to find out the root cause of the cockroach infestation. One way is to use glue strips to identify the most infested areas in your home. Cockroach removal can be achieved by using caulk to fill possible entry points after identifying the most prone areas using glue strips.

Weather stripping doors and windows can also help keep pests off your home. Gel bait is one of the most effective cockroach removal methods. Apply the gel in crevices, walls, under baseboards and cracks where roaches are likely to hide. It will kill a lot of roaches after which you have to clean the surfaces.

Another way is to use bait stations where you attract cockroaches to eat poison. The poisoned roach goes back to their hiding locations, dies and is eaten by other roaches, which are also poisoned and die. Use boric powder; boric acid is found in toothpaste and clothing detergent. It is made by chemically combining water and boron.

The acid is less toxic to children and pets, but is deadly to cockroaches. If used incorrectly, it loses its effectiveness, explaining the need to hire a professional exterminator

Bed Bugs

Cockroaches multiply fast; a female cockroach lays between 10 and 90 eggs in a day. Moreover, they don’t take too long to hatch. What attracts roaches to your home is mostly food. Although there are numerous species of cockroaches, only three main types tend to infest homes.

German roaches are known to breed inside the house, especially in the kitchen and around the bathroom. Although American roaches can be found in basements, they prefer to live outside. On the other hand, Oriental cockroaches like cool and dumpy places. It is important to know the types of roaches in your home so you can deal with each differently.


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