My Day in Panama City, FL

One of the best hidden treasures in the United States is Panama City, Florida.


Most Americans have heard of Panama City because of all the spring break festivities that take part in the area. While most of the partying takes place in Panama City Beach, Panama City itself is just across the St. Andrews Bay and is home to a lively community.


One of the best things about my day in Panama City, Florida was our visit to the St. Andrews Bay State Park. This free attraction gave us a chance to stretch out legs, get some sun and enjoy the scenic vistas provided by the natural Florida landscapes.


While driving though Panama City, we noticed that the area has several institutions of higher learning. Gulf Coast State College was visible from the main highway and we also saw several billboards for Florida State’s (FSU) Panama City campus.


While Panama City only has about 40,000 residents, the city seemed bigger as you drove around and saw all of the attractions.


Most people pass though Panama City in order to get to the beach without stopping and admiring all the things to do in and around Bay County, Florida.


If you are wanting to go to the beach on a budget, you can do what we did and book a hotel in Panama City and simply drive an extra 15 minutes to the beach. This will help you to save on high priced gulf-front hotel rooms.


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